The Entrepreneurial Generation

Our Mission

We are a faith-informed competition where business ideas and hearts for social good emerge, combining and collaborating to create long lasting impact and global change.


Our Founders

Two devoted students and an entrepreneurial professor designed and launched the Impact Venture Challenge at Messiah College. Supported by many fellow students and community members alike they applied their deep passion for entrepreneurship to create a catalyst for the entrepreneurial spirit so prevalent in millennials today. Our founders are thankful for all of the mentors and friends that invested hours in conversations, encouragement, pitch and plan reviews, and coaching. They couldn't have done this without you! 



In a recent survey of the millennial generation, 54% said they had the goal of starting a business. There are a number of current Messiah College students and recent alumni with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make both a profit and a difference in the world.

Messiah College needed a catalyst to harness this "entrepreneurial wave"  and thus launched the Impact Venture Challenge to:

  • equip Messiah College students to develop and launch faith-informed ventures with positive social impact
  • allow students to network with mentors, faculty members, non-profit organizations, potential investors, and business leaders
  • prove Messiah College as a place where prospective and current students interested in entrepreneurship can thrive
  • serve the local and global community
  • intentionally foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among the Messiah College community



An impact venture is a business that is about not only making a profit, but also making a difference in the world. More formally, as defined in The Impact Investor, impact ventures are created " pursuit of appropriate levels of financial return with the simultaneous and intentional creation of measurable societal and environmental impacts." Typical impact areas include health and wellness, environmental stewardship, serving those with disabilities, water and sanitation, agriculture and food, energy, and education, and poverty alleviation. 


What is a Faith-Informed Venture?

A faith-informed venture's leadership builds and leads guided by their commitment to Christ. They believe we have the opportunity to "co-create" and contribute to Christ's mission to renew all things.

Founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey says "the most efficient means to spread an idea today is corporate structure." Given that we're living in a time where entrepreneurs influence everything from culture to policy, we host a sense of responsibility to empower entrepreneurs to play significant contributing roles.