What is the Criteria to Advance?  

Evaluation Criteria

The business model, impact potential and viability evaluation criteria are listed below. Each will be weighted equally and used by a judging panel to determine if a team advances from Round One to Round Two, and from Round Two to Round Three. For finalists, the judges’ assessment of the business plan will account for 60% of a team's final score. Live assessment of the pitches on the night of finale will determine the remaining 40% of a team's final score; 20% is determined by the live judging panel, and 20% is determined by the live audience via a text-to-vote system. 

  • Business Model (20%): Clarity/completeness of business model and plan; opportunity as revealed by market analysis; sales/marketing approach; operations and financial model.
  • Impact Potential (20%): How has God led the team to the business? Is the business consistent with God’s word? Does the business have the potential to advance the kingdom of God? What is the size, significance and priority of impact area? What validation of meaningful impact potential has been done? What is the likelihood of sustainable impact?
  • Viability (20%): Is there a clear and sizable market? How compelling is the value proposition & competitive advantage? How feasible is the product/service offer and is there a “proof of concept” of the idea? What is the likelihood of long-term financial sustainability (not dependent on a donor-based financial model)? What is the likelihood that the team will be able to execute and scale the venture? Would you invest in this venture?   
  • Pitch (20%, Rounds Two & Three only): Quality of materials; Compelling case made for the venture; Practical, real world relevance to venture and impact; Quality of presentation delivery; Q&A; Confidence of presenters; Time management.